AMF Harley-Davidson SX175

Model Designation LettersSX175
Model Years1974-1978
Vehicle Identificiation5D
Bikes Produced12112 Overall Total
FrameDouble Downtube, Two Different Versions (74-75) & (76-78)
Electrical System12 Volt 70W, Breakerless Ignition
Top Speed~71.5 MPH (115 km/h)
Front suspensionHydraulic, 32mm
Marzocchi, Ceriani or Betor
(different by year and country sold)
Rear suspensionTwin Shocks, 5 way adjustable (74-75)
Front wheel tire3.00 x 19, knobby type
Rear wheel tire3.50 x 18, knobby type
Front brakeDrum brake 140 mm, single lead shoe
Rear brakeDrum brake 140 mm, single lead shoe
Rims (Front & Rear)19″ front and 18″ rear
Tire pressure (Front)
Tire pressure (Rear)
Dimensions & Weight
Overall length84.5 Inches (74-75); 85.8 Inches (76-78)
Handlebar width
Ground clearance9 Inches (74-75) 6.7 Inches (76-78)
Wheelbase54 Inches (74-75) 55.7 Inches (76-78)
SeatsOne seater in 1974 and 1975; 1976 and later two seater
Saddle Height32 Inches (74-75); 37.1 Inches (76-78)
Total Weight127 kg (with oil, gasoline and tools)
Fuel tank2.77 Gallons (10.5 liters)
Fuel Tank Reserve1,1 Liters; 1 Quart
Vertical Single Aluminium Cylinder,
Chrome Bore
Bore2.40 Inches (61 mm)
Stroke2.34 Inches (59,6 mm)
Piston displacement174.1 cc
Horsepower17 DIN-PS @ 6750 RPM
Max. Torque18,85 Nm
Gearshift pattern5-Speed, left side shift; 1st down – 4 up
Compression ratio10.7:1
Lubrication systemoil pump, integral oil reservoir located in tubular frame with 1.76 quarts capacity
Starter systemkick start, right side
CarburetorDell’Orto, VHB 27AD, concentric
ClutchWet, multiple plates
Gear ratios1st: 2.53, 2nd: 1.79, 3rd: 1.305, 4th 1.0, 5th: 0.8
Spark PlugChampion no. 2

The SX-175 was introduced in 1973 as a 1974 model year. At the same time the factory in Varese stopped producing the single cylinder 4-stroke bikes.
From now on only 2-stroke bikes were produced in the Schiranna factory.

The SX is a twin-shock Scrambler with a high exhaust and cross type tires made for street and offroad use. In other words it isn’t very good at either.
For it’s time the bike was equipped with some modern features:
The upper frame tube is at the same time the oil reservoir for the automatic oil injection system. An oil pump is hidden in the basket of the crankcase beneath a cover on the left side. The motor has an aluminium cylinder with a hard coated barrel which is almost free from wear. It also has a maintenance free breakerless 12V ignition.In 1974 and 1975 the SX-175 and SX-250 had their own frame which differs from the almost identical street bikes SS-175 and SS-250 models.
The most important differences are the single seat, shorter rear end of the frame and no passenger pegs. In 1976 SX and SS models used the same frame, probably to keep production costs down. Because of that in 1976 the SX models became two-seaters also.Whats the difference between a SX-175 and a SX-250?
Basically they are identical beside the larger bore of the 250cc model. There are some slight equipment differences like a larger front wheel (21″) on the SX-250. Early SX-175 use a different tail light than the SX-250.


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