M50 Sport

Aermacchi Harley-Davidson M-50 Sport

Years built: 1966
Bikes produced: ???
Price in 1966: $275 plus tax
Vehicle Ident. # (VIN):  
Spark Plug:  
Gas Capacity: 2.5 gallons
Transmission: 3-speed
Electrical System:  
Saddle Height: ???


Model designation letter:  
Type: 2-Cycle, Single Cylinder, 50 Cubic Centimeters
Taxable Horsepower: 0.94
Bore: 1.528 inches (38.8 mm)
Stroke: 1.65 inches (42.0 mm)
Piston displacement: 3.03 cubic inches (49.6cc)
Compression ratio: 10:1
Lubrication system:  
Starter system:  

Dimensions and Weight

Overall length: 67.8 inches
Handlebar width: 25.6 inches
Overall height: 38.2 inches
Ground clearance:  
Weight: 116 lbs
Wheelbase: 44.1 inches
Seats: 1 person
Front suspension:  
Rear suspension:  
Fuel tank: 2.5 gallons (total)
Reserve: 1.0 US pints
Transmission: 1.0 US pints (480 ml)
Front fork:  

Transmission System:

Gear ratios:  
Gearshift pattern: 3-Speed, Handshift

Wheels and Brakes

Front wheel tire:  
Rear wheel tire:  
Front brake:  
Rear brake:  
Rims (Front & Rear):  
Tire pressure (Front):  
Tire pressure (Rear):  


M-50S is the Sport model of the M-50 and was introduced in 1966. It was available for this model year only as in 1967 the engine displacement was boosted to 65cc.


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