Moto Revue 05/03/55 (No. 1228)1955FrenchFranceAer Macchi 2505
Hobby "Technik - Test - Freizeit" 03/571957GermanGermanyAermacchi Chimera?
Moto Revue 23/01/60 (No. 1475)1960FrenchFranceGamme2
Motociclismo 08/631963ItalianItalyBrezza 150?Wanted
Moto Revue 22/11/69 (No. 1955)1969FrenchFrance350cc Sprint5Magazine
Das Motorrad 10/19711971GermanGermanyTV3503
Moto Revue 11/12/71 (No. 2054)1971FrenchFrance350Sprint6
Moto Revue 01/12/72 (No. 2101)1972FrenchFranceAMF Harley 125cc5
MOTOSPORT 03.19741974ItalianItalySX25013
Motociclismo 11/741974ItalianItalySX25013
La Moto 09/751975ItalianItalyHD 250: 18.000 KM in ASIA5
Popular Cycling 09/771977EnglishUSAMX250?
Motorrad 09/771977GermanGermanySST-250 + SX-125?
Motorrad Classic 06/911991GermanGermanyRickman Aermacchi4Magazine
Motorrad Classic 05/941994GermanGermanySS350 (1973)?Magazine
Classic Bike June 19951995EnglischUnited KingdomAermacchi Sprint Special4Magazine
Motorrad Classic 01/961996GermanGermanyChimera6Magazine
Motorrad 10/19971997GermnGermany27PS Exoten4Magazine
Motorrad Classic 2/20042004GermanGermanyAermacchi Racer4Magazine
Klassik Motorrad Sonderausgabe 2/20122012GermanGermanyMX250?
Motalia Heft 278 11/132013GermanGermanyAermacchi Treffen Schweiz u. Italian3MOTALIAMagazine
Motorräder aus Italien Sonderausgabe 19 Frühjahr 20152015GermanGermanyAermacchi Szene Deutschland10Magazine
Klassik Motorrad Nr.3 Mai/Juni 20172017GermanGermanyAermacchi Ala Verde8Magazine
Moto Rosso (MO) Nr. 24 Frühjahr 20182018GermanGermanyAermacchi DOHC8Copy
Motorrad Classic 7+8 20182018GermanGermanyRestoration of a 1970 GT-3503Magazine
Motalia Heft 326 09/182018GermanGermanyAermacchi Rally Brunnadern3MOTALIA 326 9-18Magazine

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