Model Designation LettersSST
Model Years1976-1978
Vehicle Identificiation7T
Bikes Produced
Electrical System
Top Speed121 Km/h
Front suspensionBetor, 32mm
Rear suspension
Front wheel tire3.25 x 19
Rear wheel tire4.00 x 18
Front brakeSingle Disc with Single Caliper
Rear brakeInternal Expanding
Rims (Front & Rear)Radaelli
Tire pressure (Front)
Tire pressure (Rear)
Dimensions & Weight
Overall length2180mm, 85.8 in.
Handlebar width
Ground clearance190mm; 7.5 in.
Wheelbase1420mm; 55.9 in.
Saddle Height
Total Weight125 Kilograms
Fuel Tank10,5 Liters; 2.8 Gallons
Fuel Tank Reserve1,1 Liters; 1 Quart
Type2-Cycle, Single Cylinder, Chrome Bore
Bore72 mm
Stroke59,6 mm
Piston displacement242,6 ccm
Horsepower20 DIN-PS @ 7000 RPM
Max. Torque21,19 Nm
Gearshift pattern5 speed
Compression ratio10.3 to 1
Lubrication system
Starter systemPrimary Kick, right side
CarburetorDell' Orto PHB 32 AB (32mm)
ClutchMultiple Plates, wet
Gear ratios
Spark PlugChampion N. 3
The SST-250 had a single brake disc with single caliper placed on the left side and the SST replaced its predecessor SS-250 in Europe while in North America the older SS-250 with a brake drum in front was still sold. A SST-175 was never available but a hanful of SST-350 in 1978.

They also changed the embroidery pattern on the seat and added aluminum stripes to the side compared to the SS-250. There were matching decal stripes to the gas tank on the side covers and the chain guard was painted in a matching color as well. The round clutch cover now had an “AMF Harley-Davidson” imprint, but otherwise was the same bike as a SS-250. Later 1977 models where also fitted with a larger generator to produce more power. If you look closely to the left engine cover hiding the generator you can tell later versions with a larger generator. (Compare pictures No. 1 and No. 3).

Colors: The bike was available in black, in sparkling blue, in red and sparkling brown. The decal design from 1976 was kept in 1977 also.





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